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When I spent my wonderful vacation

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Last night I slept late, waited my father did his duties.  'till 1'clock am We told everything, we tried to remember all of moment ever did.  One of them is fishing in a lot of places.  Such as Anyer beach, Pakis beach, Tidung Island, and other fishing ponds near from our house.

Fishing is one of my father's hobbies other than reading and chess.  When my father have a free time for a long time, He always take me to escort him fishing in new place or a place had been visited by us.  If the weather is improving, not cloudy, low tide, and my father has a lot of time, He will take me to visit other sea in the vicinity of West Java, such as in the Anyer, Bandung, Krawang, 1000 islands, and Indramayu.

I think that when we spent our time for fishing my father has more much time then He spent his time to read all of book had been bought before unless we went to bookstore together.  Since I was child, I was difficult to have much time for spent my holiday together with my father, even to see each other at home too rare, so if my father have a long time for me I would utilize the best possible time I had for did everything I want together with may father.

Back to fishing, we still had variety of fishing gear since I was child.  If it mus be replaced my father will replaced it after he checked and maintained his fishing gear every weekend.  So, if we decided to fishing we just prepared baits and other equipment we need in addition to fishing gear.

Night before fishing, my father always called his friends to fishing together with us.  There are Mr.  Margo, Mr.  Salam, Mr.  Kasim, and other persons.  They are all my father's best friend since in elementary school.

If we decided for fishing in the sea, as a rule we chartered a boat for used by us for fishing in the middle of sea.  Furthermore we determined a strategic location of fishing.

When we got a strategic location, we were throwing the hook in to the see, waited so great patience 'till our baits eaten by fish.  STRIKE, whoopee one of us if there is a fish eaten the bait.  STRIKE is one of the moment that very exciting moment especially if we have waited so long.  But not all fish we caught, we took to be brought to our house, some of fish off to the see, because we know how important to keep the habitat of the fish.

There are about five sea We had been there.  But we so interest to fish in Karimun Jawa, and other sea in other island in Indonesia.  Ya, wish that next destination is Karimun Jawa.  Not only fishing but also we are able to see a eruption of Krakatoa volcano.   Amin!MySpaceMySpace


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