Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Getting the Biggest Mandate

Previously I would like to thank God who has given me a thousand good in their studies. Exact date of January 4, 2010 I received the results of my study for a semester, how shocked I was when I discovered that the values I learned in 3rd semester is better than in 2nd semester. 

Predicate cum laude with a 3.65 GPA or acquisition means about 0.46 just making up me shocked for a moment. I really did not believe the results I got, because in this semester I was very lazy to learned, but I helped with 19 subjects who provided a fairly easy for me to understood. 

Some of my friends had experienced the same thing for their result. But there are some friends who would go down in value. I did not care how my friends got those values, even though I knew some of my friends often commited fraud to get a good grade. But what I care about is that I still did this for my honesty keep in my learning process as the main principles I got the blessing of science. 

At the moment people were getting cum laude predicate were happy with their achievement, I was just confuse and scare. Confused and scared because this is a tough mandate. Mandate to be maintained and even increased. I just pray that I remain humble and still the spirit to learn better for getting cum laude predicate more. 


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