Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Quality Time with My Mom and My 'lil Fayman !!

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Last Friday I waited my father in the one of Mall in Bekasi.  Waited my father about one hour.  I waited him in Jcoo coffee shop and donuts.  I ordered some donuts and my favorite menu, Froyo *Frozen Yogurt*  with triple topping such as moci, biscuit, strawberry jump.  

I looked around and I see there are mothers are looking around with her children, suddenly I reminded to my mother.  I rarely go to some places with her, I usually go to some places with my father. I have an idea, make a plan to go to movie together with my mother and my 'lil fayman (Muhammad Luthfi Hasbullah).  

I waited my father 'till 7 'clock but my father will back home from his office at 9 ' clock, so I decided to back home alone.  Arrived at home, I told to my mother that I am jealous because I rarely go to some places with her, and I wanted to go to cinema with her, and She was agree.

On Saturday, We went to Grand Mall Bekasi to watch movie, We decided to watch "Love Story (Acha-Irwansyah).  15 minutes before entrance to theater I played in Time Zone with my 'lil Fayman.  And here is some pictures that I 've been taken 

You drive so seriously my dear!!

He is so thirsty after drive alone !

12 ' clock we entrance to theater,  'lil fayman so interest to watch the movei because in the movie he saw a horse, so My mother did not worry if he will cry because he was bored.  In the middle of movie, he cried because he wanted to drink, but we are not allowed to bring the water.  We are panic, but 'lil fayman was sleeping, maybe he feel so tired.

After watched the movie, we decided to lunch at food court in the lower ground.  My 'lil fayman still slept, but not too long he woke up and make a food court so riot, and he almost fell from escalator because he ran up to the escalator, but my mother caught him as soon as possible.

After eat, we went to Matahari department store, shopping some cloths.  But me and my mother laugh when my 'lil fayman cried because he wanted a booth for adults, I know that although he was a toddler, he is so fashionable.  But my mother not allowed him to but the booth because He had have 2 booth. 

I think my 'lil fayman will be the next model, because he love take his self on my camera, and he will pose so cutely, here is the pictures

when he was cranky because he did not get the booth (before cried)

When He slept in the theater!

Look at his lips, so cute, isn't it?

We are so funny!!! Lalalala!

are you agree that my 'lil fayman look like so handsome?

Hooooaaammm, sleepy sleepy sleepy!!

Thanks Ya Rabb I have a quality time with them, both of people I love!


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