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OH NO !!

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Since yesterday my 'lil cousin Luthfi (2 years old) stayed in my house because his parents must work in other city.

This morning I had to get up earlier becausemy mother asked me to play with him. But because I was still very sleepy  finally he played together with my mother.  While watching a movie of Si Doel, suddenly he frightened so scream and begged to be embraced by my motherAt that time my mother thought that he was afraid to see Bang Mandra.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, I was forced to have to  play with him because my mother had to go to the market to buy for cooking purposes. Because my body is still very weak, so we're just playing around on the mattress, and make some videos.  here is this videos 

I am so hungry, finally I decided to make a meal in the kitchen, and let him played alone in theliving room. Suddenly he screamed, approached me with a frightened on his face and said "Sister I'm afraid, there is people!" I ignored him, and I let him return to play alonf. Not long after he came back to me with the look of fear that increasingly becomes.

I immediately embraced him and hurried to the living room, and asked where the presence of someone that he saw, then he pointed toward my bedroom. I checked but no one there.

My mother was back from market. I tell her what happened while she's gone.  After this moment my cousin always ask me or my mother for picking up him when he wants to go to bathroom or other places in my house.

There is something labored in this case and I remember since a few months it was being terrorized mystical things smell a ghost in my family, but I'm sure God would protect my family

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Bekasi, January 5th 2010


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