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What is IELTS ???

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If you have a plan to continue your education, work or migrants in countries that use English, maybe you have to prove that you master the language.

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System English language proficiency test is intended for people who want to learn, work, or migrants to countries where English is used as the language of instruction.

IELTS is known as a prerequisite to participate in higher education. All educational institutions have entry requirements that must be met student and one of them is the result of English language proficiency test (IELTS Band Scores) in order to follow the lectures at the university. If you want to learn to consult with a counselor IDP Australia to ensure the requirements of what is needed to enroll in your desired field of study.
IELTS is also one of the requirements for prospective migrants to English-speaking countries (eg Australia, Canada, NZ etc.).
If you plan to take the IELTS test, ask the score required by the institution that will accept your IELTS test results. If you are not sure of the required score, you can also view information on the IELTS website.

IELTS can be followed in the testing centers are available throughout the world who carry out regular tests.

IELTS is owned by The University of Cambridge ESOL Examination, British Council and IDP - IELTS Australia.


IELTS is designed by experts world test writers to develop a fair assessment system to measure all your ability to speak English. This test gives you an opportunity to show English language ability which consists of four types of language skills, namely:

1. hearing (listening)
2. reading (reading)
3. writing (writing)
4. talking (speaking)

This test allows students to improve their English in accordance with the standards provided by educational institutions in Australia.

 who is recognizes IELTS?

Academic Institutions

Hundreds of academic institutions have been using IELTS as a requirement to be able to follow their programs, especially in Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Malasysia and New Zealand.

Professional Membership

Professional bodies around the world now have much to recognize IELTS, such as the UK General Dental Council, the Australian Migration Agents Registration Austhority, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, New Zealand Immigration Service and the Medical Coucil of Ireland.

IELTS - Leading English Language Proficiency Test in Indonesia
One of the pre-requisites for a student in Australia, is pass a test International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS is the leading English language proficiency test in the world. As a prospective student, you must undergo academic testing as a requirement to obtain a student visa.
IELTS is a requirement also for the proponents of scholarships offered by various countries and institutions in Indonesia.
IELTS else in need is also for students who want to take education in schools of education that have international programs or students who wish to take graduate courses at several national universities.
With these necessary conditions, IELTS can be taken in the office of your nearest IDP office. Please contact the IDP office for further information.

What IELTS Materials?
IELTS is available in two formats, Academic (Acadmic) and the General Training (General Training).
All participants were tested following the Listening and Speaking Modules same.While Reading and Writing Modules can be selected according to test participants selected format, IELTS Academic or General Training. Reading and Writing in the Academic Module test the readiness level of prospective students to study or train in English for undergraduate courses or postgraduate level. Academic test format is also used by a number of other world class professional organization.
Reading and Writing General Training Module emphasis on English proficiency of candidates in the social context and broader education. It is suitable for those who want to add work experience or advanced continuing education, English language training, vocational programs in countries with English first language or for those who become potential migrants to English-speaking country.
Please contact the counselor IDPs to choose which format is suitable for your plan.


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