Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

My Father Loving Take a Picture too

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Yesterday when I opened my father's PC I found an answer that told to me about the reason why my father allowed to me to have a SLR camera.  And What is the answering??  It is about my father's hobbies.  Ya Ya Ya I knew that my father also like to write like me, but I never know that my father loving take a picture too.

There are so many pictures in my father's photos folder, it has been taken in some places that my father been there.  But I interest to take some pictures when my father was in Mecca to Umrah about 4 months ago.  I do not know where is the pictures was taken, but I know the pictures really give me an answering, why many people especially Muslims admired Mecca not only for worship but also to touring .

Here is some pictures :

I think is the bicycle of Adam a.s.  I ever read about the biggest bicycle in the world and it is one of the few relics of civilization at the time of the prophetic in Mecca

You can see how the biggest this bicycle than a car 

 And I don't know where is it, but I am sure that My Father took this when my moter was busy offering goods that want to buy.  Hahah LOL*

May be this picture took when my father just sight seeing, but I know that my father will say " Oh no, I can see the faces of every women here because all use a veil to hide their face"  Ya ya ya ya my father so coquettish if he was not together with my mom * HAHAH Peace!

I never see KA'BAH !!
But trust to my self some time I will see it together with my Father and Mother to Hajj.  Amin

Wow !!
I remembered when I t ever tried to plant a palm tree in the yard, but after more one year the trees grew only about 50 cm high

May be this pictures took in the Nabawi Mosque, or another mosque, But I Love this architecture, so beauty !  So er er er aw aw aw !!!


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