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How to Go to Fatahillah Museum

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Jakarta as a metropolitan city also has a historical which could not relase from tourism in Indonesia.  There are many tourism places, one of them is The old city of Jakarta.

          Fatahillah museum is one of the old city tourism places.  Fataillah museum is located at Taman Fatahillah street number 2, Wets Jakarta.  Fatahillah museum was formerly the seat of VOC government building  that was built by Vann Hoorn, and then as governor of Jakarta Ali Sadikin at the time was inaugurated the museum as center of civilization betawi culture and the historical sight. 

Museum fatahillah has 13.000 m2 largest and consist of five exhibition room.  There are Tarumanegara room, Jayakarta room, Fatahilah rom, Sultan Agung room, and MH.Thamrin room. Museum Fatahillah also has at least 500 collections.

          There are many alternative accesses to go to Fatahillah Museum from Depok.  One of them by train.  From Depok Baru rail way station take a train to Jakarta Kota and get off at Beos Jakarta Kota  rail way station.  Keep line when buy ticket and check your belonging and step carefully while exiting from the train.

          Beos Jakarta Kota rail way station has staff only and food court area in north of Beos Jakarta Kota rail way station area.  And in the south, there are rest room, mosque, Men and women toilet. Beos Jakarta Kota only has three entrance, south entrance, middle entrance, and north entrance.  South and north entrance is used for passengers who leave from Beos Jakarta Kota rail way station, and middle entrance is used for all passenger who want to use train.  No cadger in all Beos Jakarta Kota rail way station area.

          From north entrance of Beos Jakarta rail way station, Fatahillah museum for about 300 meters or about 15 minutes, and Fatahillah museum is located between Ceramic Museum and Puppet Museum, and next to Taman Fatahillah.

          When in the Fatahillah Museum do not litter, no smoking in all area.  And do not touch all collection and also do not take a picture .  


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