Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

do you know what I feel boy ?????

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There are missing, nearly a month in each of my evening
shortness I think when I realized all was so short
shortness I think when I realized that my heart was being played by new people who then melt the hearts and feelings

O liver robbers who tried to penetrate the heart and out without the certainty that you give, let me feel a little reading, read your heart, read all the burden of feeling that you got rid of without certainty

You make such a stupid ass in the mud resist hunger for love, you made me as if to convince you something is still doubted.

if only I am not your disciple
 if only I was not in theeand
if only I did not know you better in 
I probably will not float with the feeling of contempt which I never want like at this time


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