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Sail Banda 2010 "Small Islands for The Future"

Indonesia as the biggest archipelagic country and maritim in the world own a lot of beauty of panorama go out to sea in every its archipelago region called on by a lot of sea and coastal is inclusive of Maluku.

MySpaceMaluku's region as a whole is 712.479,69 km2 largers. Equal to 92.4% from this wide is ocean that is 658.294,69 km2 largers of while its continent only 7,6% or for the width of 54.185 km2 largers. Thereby the Moluccas represent archipelago area consisted of by 632 big island of isle and, where the biggest island is Horrible Island 18.625 km2, caught up by a Island Hunt 9000 km2 largers, Island Yamdena 5.085 km2 largers and Island Wetar 3.624 km2 largers.

Base on the dates carried out by a biggest sea activity as long as 2010 which is the included in activity MICE category namely Sail Banda 2010.MySpace

Lifting theme " Small Island for the Future" MySpace, this event opened at 17 April 2010, and open carried out at date of 27 July 2010-17 August 2010 introducing some isle in every Maluku's region that have the potency for the industry which can assist economics for pulic society of Maluku.

Not only promoted the Maluku island but also promoted assets owned by Indonesia as an archipelagic state. There are parade of sailboats, yachts, talk shows about the marine, and exhibits the results of the archipelago which is followed by approximately 15 provinces in Indonesia.

Apart from being a form of promotion of MICE tourism in Indonesia, this event also shows the efforts of the people of Maluku, Maluku unrest to rise after a few years ago, and is expected to be as hyper as well other Province to carry out the activities at the international level in order to increase the number of visitors, tourism especially outbound tourism.MySpace

let's support the Indonesian tourism as a form of preservation of wealth nations!!

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