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LOMBA BLOG DEPOK 17 Juli-17 September 2010

Indonesia is the biggest muslim country in the world MySpace. There are many evidence of lot of history depicting feather in one's cap of former islam which still can be felt by society of indonesia and also external society. Start from mosque, defender fortress, cave, funeral of all figure islam, and pesantren, all gone the round of almost in region of Indonesia.

Tasikmalaya-West Java is one of city that have the reliogion tourism places. The famous religion tourism places in Tasikmalaya even in Indonesia is Pamijahan.

Pamijahan is name for region in Tasikmalaya. There ate the Mausoleum of Syekh Abdul Muhyi and Syafawardi Cave. This mausoleum located in Countryside Pamijahan, Subdistrict Bantarkalong, 65 kilometre southward from downtown Tasikmalaya. Before fasting and month moon Maulud, this pilgrimage is visited crowded. Per annum do not less than 500.000 people pay a visit to complex of that funeral.

Visitors visit mausoleum of Sheikh of Haji Abdul Muhyi for shalat and pray, later then continue transportation;journey to Safarwadi cave which do not far from mausoleum location. In that goa there are petilasan of Sheikh of Haji Abdul Muhyi, like hermitage, mosque, petrify Peci Haji, and the place which is before now trusted by as pesantren. There are also stalactite ( result of sedimentation which poke in roof of cave) and the stalagmite ( sedimentation formed in base of cave) adding glamor of the cave.MySpace

not only fascinate mystique which religious, pamijahan also offer assorted form natural beauty from consecution of mountain unfolding, rice field which still respect, fresh air and make healthy and sociability of resident.

entering this region, unique nuance very felt. Start from free settlement smoke, even atmosphere of settlement looking like settlement in Uni Emirat Arab. Visitor also can chosen guide and lodging place , others the visitor can enjoy MySpace typical culinary of sunda which is a lot of on the market around nya. View make typical present of is area like chips emping, kolang-kaling, and dodol sirsak even also can be met.

Lets visit Pamijahan and lets save our nation.MySpace


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