Senin, 29 November 2010


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I love take pictures everywhere I want, coz  pictures is not only a pictures but also have a stories that never been allowed to forget.

 looking to my eyes, and you will see what a freak me !

 with my 'lil baby
He is the candidate of model LMAO*

                                                my best picture !
                                                it was not taken in Papua LOL*
 with my long dress, like a ghost ! xp !

 With my best friends ! Geng Gong muka tembem !*

 I am a sleeper ! Whereever I wanna sleep I will sleep like a cow , ngoook !

Be the next model ! MOI *model of Idiot* magazine ! ngok 

Puncak in action !

And here is my poses to be the next actress for RUMAH DARA II ! I will kill you boy !

The most mystic photo !
And I think suddenly  you will be getting the wind up , when you look at my eyes ! LOL *

I am so handsome. If you are a girl suddenly you will be fallin in love with me after see my pictures Lalalalala!!

                                                    Hey ladies !
                           Come to Papa, I will give you the best kisses !!
                                                 emmmmuach !! nggok *

boy looks more sexy with a mustache and thin beard *
And I like it !
I look like so sexy be the "MAN" LOL

never stop to take a picture !! I am happy to be photograph for my self.  
I will be a good photograph after be an author.  
My life so freak ! But proud be my self !
And How 'bout you dude ???


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