Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Wajah-wajah horor !!

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 I have a dream to be able to an actress for horror film.  Wish that I become the next actress for RUMAH DARA II, change Sharifa Danish *LOL*.  I can feel more mystic because I often feel like that.  Here is my pictures

(--- after watched SAW, and I feel so scary, here is my fears, look like a freaky lady .

Okey let me to make a horror movie about the tragic murder like RUMAH DARA haha.. are you ready ????

 Hello !
My name is ziah !
I  am a cold-blooded killer who is ready to kill anyone who may disturb peace of me, whenever I want! be careful  guys! 

I walked in the middle of a dark night, looking for prey that are ready to kill by me!!

Yeah !!
I get it ! I get a prey to night !!

Look at to my prey so cruelly!!!
and said
"Hey dear, are you ready to feel so hurt?? I will kill you, but I wanna hear your voice to say help!! ohh no, I think no one will hear your voice ! ohhh what a poor you dear ! Hahah"

See my cloth !!
do you see blood scattered on my shirt?
Yeah !!!
I bring of kill my prey !!!

suddenly I think so guilty !!
oh dear, pardon me !!
I never wanna kill you my pear
I am so sorry !!!

And now, I am so upset !
I don't know how to make my chicken still life,
My father will be angry with me !
He will give me a punishment!!
May be I will not get allowance!!
Oh what a poor me !!

Hahah I don't know it is horror or comedy haha, but I just wanna say that I wanna be actress for Horror Film !! AMIN!!


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